At Bawis, we specialize in all kinds of wrought iron and stainless steel ornamentation. Our artistry can broadly be classified into Gates, Railings, Fencing and Furnitures.

Every product manufactured is an individual work of craftsmanship by highly skilled blacksmiths, using traditional techniques of hand forging and fine welding on the anvil to produce ornamental detail. The fit and finishing is done using rivets and collars to the tenoned and riverted frame.

All products are protected against rust by zinc flame metallization or hot-dip galvanization before painting. The product designs can be modified in any way to suit your particular requirements. The company will also be happy to suggest other designs to suit all purposes, including early Georgian, Adam, Baroque, Victorian, Art Nouveau and variety of other modern styles.

Most private building complexes are designed to secure its owner’s sufficient privacy. Wrought iron is very much favored when security and appearance are both demanded. Only individual solutions guarantee the right combination of security and elegance.

Beauty is timeless – Quality is the result of the right attitude towards things that count in life. A bright spirit will always ask for both beauty and quality.

There are many things that accompany us in our everyday life. Lots of them are there to be used temporarily, others are to last longer. So, it is natural that when it comes to wrought iron items – only the best will do.

"Bawis Stainless Steel manufactures a big collection of construction decorative stainless steel such as Handrails, Doors & Gates, Pool Guards, Decoration Systems & Modern entrances."


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